Video: Live, from New York, it's Carmelo Anthony!

When Carmelo Anthony(notes) decided he want to play in a major market, part of his reasoning involved having a larger media profile that would include appearances on popular television shows. New York is home to a series that Denver could only dream of -- the only local hits in that small market are Ken Burns-style documentaries on the history of Chipotle and a variety show hosted by Colorado Rockies mainstay Todd Helton. You can understand why Melo would be wary of spending his entire career in such a media landscape.

Over the weekend, Anthony lived out at least one of his dreams by performing on "Saturday Night Live." As you can see above, one of these sketches was a "Digital Short" featuring the recurring Laser Cats, this time in a musical featuring Elton John as the evil Droz. Carmelo isn't in it very long, but he displays a decent sense of bizarre comedic timing and a willingness to look goofy, which is notable given that his contemporaries like LeBron James(notes) and Dwyane Wade(notes) like to be the coolest guys in the room at all times.

The second clip, another entry in a questionable recurring sketch about ESPN Classic rebroadcasts of fringe sports, finds the newest Knicks star playing a female shot-putter named "Carmela St. Nix." The sketch features Tom Hanks, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte making a bunch of stupid jokes about KY Jelly, and Melo has little to do other than looking big. It is not recommended, but you can watch it after the jump.

Neither of these performances are especially notable, and they certainly won't serve to make Anthony a huge media star the likes of which he couldn't possibly have reached in Denver. Ultimately, he's going to get to that level only by winning in the playoffs, and the Knicks' recent performances suggest that they may be a long way from that goal.

At the same time, though, acting in a few skits on "SNL" isn't going to make Melo seem like any less of a committed basketball player than his trade request did in the first place. If he wants to hang out with Andy Samberg and Bill Hader, more power to him. His reputation depends far more on what happens at Madison Square Garden.

(First video via Posting and Toasting, second video via PBT)

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