Video of LIV players saying they joined because they get to play less golf is hilarious to watch after the lawsuit

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One of the main talking points since players began holding press conferences prior to LIV events is they’ve joined the new circuit partly because they’ll have to play less golf.

A better work/life balance, as many players mentioned.

Well, the recent lawsuit filed by 11 LIV members against the PGA Tour in response to being banned from the U.S. circuit tells a different story.

Starting in 2023, LIV members will play in 14 events. The PGA Tour requires players to participate in at least 15 tournaments. So, their plan now is to play in 29 events?

Sounds about right.

We always knew they were side-stepping the idea they joined because of the money, but seeing this video after the lawsuit’s release is too good.

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek