Video: A LEGO basketball court for playtime fun, ages 3 and up

Ball Don't Lie

In our digital age, it's become quite easy to have fun playing basketball without having to step on a real-life court. Between "NBA 2K12" and, maybe the lockout isn't so bad after all.

But what if you prefer analog basketball to these simulations? Is there any hope for you? Thanks to a special LEGO set, yes, there is. In the video above, witness perhaps the greatest LEGO creation since the Millennium Falcon box: a fully functional basketball court complete with an uneven floor for proper rolling, a few Stiga-style movement contraptions, and some sort of robot arm that allows players to block shots at the rim. There are also several player figures, including Steve Francis and several other miniature men that are unrecognizable on this crummy camera feed.

No matter the quality of this video, the greatness of this LEGO game is beyond reproach. Unfortunately, it's not available in stores, which is roughly analogous to telling a dog about a juicy steak and then informing him that you won't keep meat in the house for political reasons. So please stop gloating, YouTube user "Shockblaze100." It's not fair to the rest of us.

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