Video: LeBron James literally jumped over someone for an alley-oop

In his current popular status as a big-time choke artist who couldn't win a championship with four other All-Stars next to him, LeBron James has a hard time impressing people. That's because of the public's general aversion to giving him credit for legitimate accomplishments, but also because he's already done so many incredible things on the court that he sets a high bar for himself. If LeBron does something amazing, and everybody acknowledges it as such, it's probably pretty great.

This alley-oop from Sunday's 97-93 Heat win over the Bulls in Miami, in the video above from our friends at the Yahoo! Sports Minute, was pretty great. As Dwyane Wade took the ball on the left wing, LeBron made a backdoor cut on the weak side of the court, which Bulls guard John Lucas III defended by drifting over into the air. That wasn't enough, though, because LeBron literally leapt over the 5-11 Lucas to finish off the dunk.

It was reminiscent of Vince Carter's classic dunk over France's Frederic Weis at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, just with an alley-oop and a much shorter player. Still, this was pretty darn impressive by any measurement.

The only question now is what James has to do to impress us next time. Maybe he'll have to cartwheel into an alley-oop. That's possible, right?