Video: LeBron James introduces his new cartoon series

LeBron James(notes) isn't the most popular athlete with adults after the "Decision" shenanigans of last summer. In their eyes, he's a sign of all that's immoral and dishonorable in sports today, a man more concerned with his own image than the glory of teamwork and victory.

With his hopes of winning over adults gone, LeBron has instead decided to turn to the world of children. LeBron has announced the creation of a new YouTube channel to host "The LeBrons," a new cartoon series that will teach our nation's online youth about the importance of morality and honor in a young person's life.

The series will feature animated versions of the characters from the Nike ad series "The LeBrons," which you may remember as the spots in which LeBron played several zany versions of himself as an old man, a business guy, a kid, and even an athlete. I think there was also a Centaur LeBron, although I might be wrong about that.

There's no word yet on when the web series will air, but it can't be too far off now that the announcement has become public. I can't wait for the first episode, when Wise LeBron will teach all the children of the world the meaning of the word "contraction." Look out, "Sesame Street"!

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