Video: LeBron James bumps his coach, again

LeBron James(notes) is known for taking passive/aggressive shots at his coaches. Whether he's dealing with Paul Silas or tolerating Mike Brown or griping about Erik Spoelstra's minutes allotment, it hardly matters. LeBron James is the king, in his own mind, and he's not to be touched.

Unless he's the one doing the touching. Or bumping. Like the way he bumped his coach in the third quarter of Miami's loss to the Dallas Mavericks Saturday night:

The best context I can give points out that Spoelstra had called several timeouts during a short stretch of play, clearly without much in the way of results, and James was a bit ticked. It should also be pointed out that the coach didn't exactly get out of James' way, either. So there are your caveats, however weak.

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And now that we're done with those excuses, here is the video that shows LeBron doing the exact same thing to his last coach, Mike Brown.

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Perhaps 70 wins was a slight stretch.

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