Video: LeBron completes awesome dunk, follows with weirdest handshake ever

LeBron James has made dunks like this one before. In a charity game setting like this one in Memphis on Tuesday night, he went off the glass to himself for a thundrous tomahawk. It's amazing, but a play that's become old hat for the most amazing physical specimen in NBA history.

Still, plays like this one continue to tell us a lot about LeBron. For instance, he clearly has no idea how to shake hands or give a high-five. After his dismount, James ambles into the crowd, where a woman (who may be his mother, although nothing has been confirmed) extends her hand to congratulate him. LeBron, after a few seconds of euphoric indifference, makes up a handshake maneuver that Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones has dubbed "The Eel." The name is quite apt.

"The Eel" also points the way for a new LeBron gimmick. As James' athletic exploits become less impressive, he will need to surprise us in new ways. Fresh handshakes and high-fives are the best and easiest way to keep fans on their toes. He'll be to the informal greeting what Dr. J was to dunks.

(via Deadspin)

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