Video: Learn to play the greatest basketball song ever on guitar

Ball Don't Lie

In 1990, new age legend John Tesh made music history when he recorded "Roundball Rock" for NBC as the theme song for all NBA broadcasts. The track's Wikipedia entry estimates that the Peacock played the song 12,000 times, which is roughly 1/100th of how many it deserved. No offense to Hannah Storm and Peter Vecsey, but I'm pretty sure no one would have complained if the entire "NBA on NBC" pregame show had been "Roundball Rock" on loop.

Ever since NBC lost the rights to NBA games, we have been deprived of this classic song, barring the glorious fortnight every four years during which they use it for Olympics coverage. Now, though, you can bring the greatest basketball song ever recorded to your home whenever you want, provided that you have rudimentary guitar skills. Via YouTube user "LickNRiff," here is a performance, complete with tablatures, of Tesh's magnum opus.

Pay attention, because this is a surefire way to attract any sane member of the opposite sex. Play this song at any gathering and you will announce yourself as a person of distinction, class, honor, and considerable talent. Who could resist?

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