Video: Learn NBA fundamentals from Matt Bonner

Over the years, NBA fans have become very familiar with the unique charms of Matt Bonner(notes). He's many things to many people: 3-point marksman, sandwich hunter, and arguably the alt-est player in the league. Until now, though, we didn't know just how much he cared about teaching today's youth how to play basketball.

Above, witness the first of a three-part series on "Using Both Hands" by Coach B, who it should be noted does not express the opinions of Matt Bonner, basketball player. You can want Part 2 and Part 3 on You absolutely should, because these are hilarious. It's a few parts Tim and Eric, a few parts late '80s Nintendo game, and a dash of Red Auerbach.

Hopefully this is just the first in a long line of lessons from Coach B, because the man just knows his stuff. Take note, Utah Jazz executives. Maybe this is your next coach.

(Via The Basketball Jones)

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