Video: Lamar Odom with the rainbow runner

At times, Lamar Odom(notes) might be the most aesthetically pleasing basketball player available for our perusal. Since that single season at Rhode Island, Odom has just been a joy to watch when his head is straight, and his game is on. And more often than not, this season, his game has been so, so on.

The Lakers outscored Utah by 30 points when Odom was on the floor Tuesday night, and yet he played fewer than half the game's available minutes. Yikes. He made 7-of-8 shots, finishing with 17 points, eight rebounds and four assists.

And, with the Lakers up 32 points in the fourth quarter, LO pulled this off:

Just your typical runner that floats through the hoop while the pair of hands that launched the runner are trying to steady the launcher some five rows into the stands. Five rows in. That's Mario Van Peebles territory. Even Jeffrey Jones gets better seats than that.

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