Video: Kyle Lowry spins for the game-winning lay-up

Whenever the Clippers play, it's a good bet that Blake Griffin(notes) will make the play of the game. Shockingly, that did not occur Wednesday night in the Clips' 97-92 home loss in Los Angeles. Soon, lions and antelope will walk hand in hand and lunar eclipses will become a daily occurrence.

The video above features the real top play of the game: a spinning and-one lay-up by Kyle Lowry(notes) with 40 seconds left on the clock in a 90-87 game. Given the final score, this was the dagger. Like Monta Ellis' crazy finish to Wednesday night's Warriors/Kings game, it was an exceedingly athletic play that you don't typically see in crunch time, when defenses get tighter and more fouls go uncalled. Then again, maybe that's why these teams are looking in on the playoff picture from the outside rather than as an active part of it.

Or you can take the optimistic view that even the most insignificant NBA games carry the promise of an exciting finish from an unexpected source like this one. On a random Wednesday, a backup point guard with a history of inconsistency can be the hero. Embrace the wonder.

(Video via Outside the NBA)

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