Video: Kris Humphries gets booed viciously at Madison Square Garden

On Wednesday, we ran a story about Kris Humphries being named the most hated player in the NBA in a recent poll. It's been a weird past year for a guy most NBA fans used to know as a journeyman of decent but marginal skills.

Apparently not content to let Humphries rest on the laurels of his new title, the Madison Square Garden faithful welcomed him to lWednesday night's Knicks/Nets exhibition game with some of the most heartfelt boos an opposing player will hear this year. Apparently the Kardashian Effect can be negative, too.

These boos are almost undoubtedly a product of tabloid fatigue, but there's another possibility. When Kourtney and Kim Kardashian took New York, perhaps they also brainwashed every citizen and became supreme rulers of the city. In that case, this reaction makes perfect sense. You don't treat Kim like that and get away with it!

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