Video: Knicks owner sings the worst song you’ve ever heard

Please don't listen to this song.

As of this posting, the YouTube clip of Knicks owner James Dolan's "Fix the Knicks" has 303 views. Later on Thursday, after I listen to Stevie Wonder's entire catalog in an attempt to rid myself of what I just listened to, I would love it if this clip still had 303 views. I have to post this video, though (via SLAM), because you need to be reminded of what a pathetic twerp James Dolan is.

Here's the video that you have to promise me you won't watch:

Remember the scene in "Funny People" where the character played by Adam Sandler has to pay musicians overtime cash just to hang out and play more songs with him? Sandler's character at least had the good sense not to take his singing act out on the road, unlike Dolan and his (shaking my head just writing this) JD and the Straight Shot outfit.


If you've ever looked that mess up, and you know the way the music industry works, be prepared to take some Prilosec. Dolan obviously stacks the deck, hiring a massive band (a pedal steel player, James? A fiddler? To quote a concert-goer in the video posted above, "are you serious?") to give weight to his awful tunes, as he plays the part of every "the new Jonny Lang album is SO real, man" mess of a "blues hound" that you've ever had the pleasure to have avoided all your life.

Yeah, "Fix the Knicks." Or, just do like the rest of us hacks do. Keep your Tube Screamer-aided warblings in the living room, where they belong. Or, at the very least, play along to better tunes than this, James. While still in your living room.

My ears need a Silkwood shower.

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