Video: Kevin Garnett is not happy with the NBA’s rushed schedule

Ball Don't Lie

In a radio interview on Tuesday I was asked just how ugly the 2011-12 NBA season, featuring a compacted 66-game schedule, was going to be. I was quick to point out that the level of talent both on the court and on the sidelines was far superior to what NBA fans had to witness in 1999, that the players will be in better shape this time around, hand-checking is enforced this time around, and that ... yeah, the season is going to be pretty ugly.

Boston Celtics All-Star Kevin Garnett, it seems, agrees with me as he rips David Stern for the condensed, money-making 66-game schedule:

With NBA teams relying on D-League call-ups to fill out rosters in anticipation of this weekend's preseason "action," it's hard to disagree with players when they rail on the truncated offseason. Remember, the free-agent class following the 1997-98 season was huge in terms of star personnel and the sheer number of available players. With fewer players to choose from, this offseason has turned into a seller's market, with the players holding the advantage, and teams are struggling to finalize their rosters. All in the hopes that everything will be made right by Christmas.

Good luck with that, fans David.

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