Video: Kevin Garnett was in a bar fight

In contrast to most of the superstar peers of his era, Kevin Garnett isn't best known for one on-court skill, although his defense and athleticism will be remembered for years. Instead, KG stands out for his extreme intensity, which manifests itself concurrently as competitive drive and an uncomfortable mania that suffuses everything he does related to basketball.

Fans see that during games, sometimes, but it becomes most obvious in interviews surrounding big games. The "ready for war" interview is the best remembered, and the "Anything is possible!!!" speech after the 2008 finals happened on the biggest stage. On Thursday night, after the Celtics engineered a 27-point comeback to beat the Orlando Magic without Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, Garnett added another off-kilter speech to his highlight reel. Behold the "bar fight" rant above.

Before TNT's Craig Sager could even ask a question, KG labeled the game a "bar fight" (presumably one in which a key fighter chooses to become a conscientious objector halfway through), said that Charles Barkley would understand since he'd been in a real one before, and claimed that Doc Rivers has never told him "something that wasn't true" in the entire time he's been in Boston. Oh, and then he congratulated Ray Allen on his new baby and complimented Sager on his suit. I guess he really likes lavender.

Never change, KG.

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