Video: Kevin Durant goes off the glass to James Harden in Manila

On Saturday, Kelly Dwyer hipped you to a sweet alley-oop from Kobe Bryant to Derrick Rose in an exhibition game featuring NBA stars and the best players from the Philippine Basketball Association. Few, if any countries in the world love basketball as much as the Philippines, and they deserved the show they got, even if it sadly wouldn't have happened if not for the lockout.

While Kelly was right to pick out the Kobe/Rose alley-oop, it wasn't my favorite play of the game. Instead, it was the modified alley-oop above, in which Kevin Durant throws one high off the backboard to his Thunder teammate James Harden for a soaring slam. This play didn't happen on the fast break, either -- there were four players back on defense.

Oh, and some helpful soul happened to upload the whole game to YouTube. Start here, if you're into that sort of thing. Honestly, it's just nice to watch a full basketball game with an arena full of people again.

(Video via Daily Thunder)

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