Video: Justin Bieber does another thing (in this case, basketball) quite well

Ball Don't Lie

Justin Bieber played in a charity game in Atlanta over the weekend with and against NBA players including Carmelo Anthony, John Wall, and Chris Paul. And even at age 17, he was good. This is the part where you shake your head.

The event was created by Ludacris, who you might remember from his time spent rappin', downshifting in '2 Fast 2 Furious,' or feuding with Bill O'Reilly. And, because apparently the kid is everywhere, Bieber was there for it. Holding his own.

And he was throwing alley-oops. And he holding his own chasing loose balls. And he apparently plays the drums quite well. And he's adorable. And it's OK, if you were born before 1992 or so, to resent the guy.

But until then, watch the famous kid play basketball with some of the greatest players in the NBA. Sigh:

It's our fault for not practicing more. At everything.

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