Video: Josh McRoberts made an improbable buzzer-beater

Los Angeles Lakers forward Josh McRoberts is a solid role player (though he's in a bit of a slump now), but not exactly a player known for highlight-reel style. In fact, it's easy to argue that he's best known for once dating the star of MTV's "The Hills" and being really good friends with Greg Oden. Before you dismiss those points as unimportant, remember that most role players don't get to date dull reality stars or befriend injury-prone super-prospects.

Regardless, outside of the occasional high-flying dunk, McBob is more easily identified for what he does off the court than what he does on it. Last night, though, he managed to put together one of the highlights of the night. In the final seconds of the first quarter, McRoberts took the inbounds pass near the timeline, made one behind-the-back dribble to avoid defenders, immediately executed a spin move for reasons only he might understand, and launched a fadeaway jumper just before the buzzer. Despite the play involving about four things he should never do, the shot went in, giving the Lakers a 30-23 lead heading into the second quarter.

The Lakers ended up needing the basket, too, only narrowly beating the New Jersey Nets 91-87. Somehow, though, I don't think they should count on more of these shots from McBob in the future. If he does it again, Kobe Bryant will start getting upset.

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