Video: Joakim Noah takes you inside his house

A look inside Joakim Noah's(notes) house, presented by ESPN the Magazine, is exactly what you thought it would be.

(Having some technical difficulties, and until those are resolved, can I kindly direct you toward this link to see the video in question?)

Well, not exactly. When he told us his first fish was named "Joe," I honestly thought his second was going to be named "Keem," and not "Domino." But beyond that?

Coconut water, for "uh ... hangovers?" It's in the fridge. The fridge covered with pro-hemp stickers and a picture of Jim Morrison. And "a picture of a little chimp, and I like him, and I bought him on Venice Beach."

And then, down in his weight room, there's this:

Creepy clown. Even by creepy-clown standards. And you're damn straight I'm yelling "I'm a bomb!" every time Joakim does something good this season.

(Hat tip: Blog-a-Bull, via Dr. Yert.)

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