Video: Jerry Sloan swears for money

Jazz coach Jerry Sloan is either lovably cantankerous or just plain cantankerous, depending on your point of view. Whether he's coaching his team or telling kids to get off his lawn, Sloan maintains a steadfast devotion to yelling, and more often than not that includes swearing.

Utah's crack online team decided to have a little fun with their active legend. In the video above, team mascot Bear -- who is basically Karl Malone in bear form and appears to have a nicer office than everyone but the general manager and owner -- creates a swear jar to raise money for a new car. Step 1 is to put it near coach Sloan. Then he swears. Then profit!

The clip is a little surprising coming from the Jazz, who are usually associated with buttoned-up professionalism and, well, Mormons. But here they have a whole new look, that of cutting-edge Internet pranksters who aren't afraid to make fun of themselves. More like this, please.

(Video via The Basketball Jones)

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