Video: JaVale McGee with the nice dunk, and team-wide embarrassment

This year's version of the Washington Wizards is terrible. Not only have they slung their way toward the bottom of the NBA's pool, but the team also appears to be on pace for an NBA-worst won/loss percentage. Worse than even that (a historically bad record only guarantees a 25 percent chance at the top overall pick in the NBA draft), this squad has long been regarded by observers both strident and fanciful as the absolute dumbest team they've ever seen.

Monday's showing topped all that off. We'll let the Yahoo! Sports Minute take it from here:

Tossing down an alley-oop to yourself with nearly 22 minutes to go? It's not nearly as embarrassing as the nonsense he attempted 10 months ago while shooting for a needless triple-double.

It's JaVale McGee, though. And it's Washington. Long-term context counts, and I can understand if this was Wizards' coach Flip Saunders' last straw. The Washington coach certainly acted as if it was, and considering what this man has had to work through in D.C.? We can't blame him for benching McGee after a failed pick-and-roll rotation 90 seconds into the first quarter. Much less a needless alley-oop performed with his team trying to come back.