Video: JaVale McGee gives Blake Griffin a taste of his own medicine

Throughout this season, Blake Griffin(notes) has been on the right end of some of the most ferocious alley-oops of the season. He's gotten them from half-court, off bad passes, and often right on top of flailing defenders. He embarrasses opponents on a regular basis, and more often than not they're unable to return the favor.

As you can see in the clip above, JaVale McGee(notes) was lucky enough to get that opportunity. In the second quarter of Saturday's 122-101 Clippers win over the Wizards, McGee outleaped Griffin to finish the half-court alley-oop from John Wall(notes). McGee didn't completely obliterate Griffin on the play, but he obviously showed him up. In a game in which the Wizards got a terrible result, JaVale at least had one moment on top.

It was a play also notable for its relation to last month's dunk contest, when Griffin won the trophy despite arguably having less impressive dunks than McGee. That result may have been preordained, but very clearly wasn't the final chapter for the competition between these two dunkers.

Then again, Griffin is a rising star and McGee is as frustrating a prospect as ever. In the grand scheme of things, maybe one play doesn't matter so much.

(Original video via Get Banged On)

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