Video: JaVale McGee gets first triple-double, embarrasses self

If you take a look at the box score, Wizards center JaVale McGee(notes) had a tremendous game Tuesday night against the Bulls: 11 points, 12 rebounds, and a mind-boggling 12 blocks. A line like that acts as a startling reminder that, on his best nights, McGee looks like he could become a force in the paint with more experience and consistency.

Of course, there's a reason why we watch games instead of just looking at box scores. Above, check out some of the highlights from McGee's odyssey for his 10th point, as discussed by the NBA TV crew of Kevin McHale, Chris Webber and Rick Kamla. Or they try to discuss it, at least, except they keep laughing at McGee's ridiculous attempts to go to work in the post and his boisterous celebration with his team down 18 points in the closing seconds.

The clip looks like an outtake from one of the old Frank Layden NBA bloopers videos. He fumbles it out of bounds, misses shots badly, and just generally looks like he's in no position to be anything close to a major part of the offense. There have been embarrassing triple-doubles (and attempts at them) before — think back to Anthony Bowie and Ricky Davis, to name just two — but I can't remember any that seemed foolish based on the entire offensive performance and not just one play. It would have been better for McGee's reputation if he'd just stayed below 10 points so people could have focused on his 12 blocks, the most for an NBA player since Keon Clark's 12 in 2001.

Whatever the case, though, congratulations to JaVale on his triple-double. I'm sure he'll one day want to tell his grandkids about his moment of glory and fire up the old hologram machine to show them what real basketball used to look like before the Galactanoids took over the league. With wide eyes, little JaVala and Javale III will watch these highlights with wide eyes. Then they'll look at the final score and go back to downloading that night's International Futuresport Federation highlights directly to their retinas. Sure, Grandpa gives good hugs, but his stories never go anywhere.

Original video via Daily Thunder.

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