Video: Jason Kidd's Talking Heads video karaoke

Unlike Trey Kerby, the Talking Heads aren't my third-favorite band. But I do have each of their albums (yes, including the last few), they all are actual LPs, and my wife and I make the arm gesture that David Byrne worked in the "Once In a Lifetime" video to each other when we want to stop each other from getting a little needlessly anxious. Why? Because there is water, at the bottom of the ocean.

So, imagine my surprise, and confusion, when Trey found (via The Two Man Game) a Mavericks-produced video of Jason Kidd(notes) aping Byrne's moves from the same video. To great effect.

I'd like to think that I fell asleep during Thursday night's Magic/Suns game, and that I'm still snoozing and that this is some sort of weird and lovely fever dream I'm enjoying whilst in my bed. And that the alarm will go off in a few minutes, it'll still be dark, and I have to finish BtB while watching the rest of a Tivo'd blowout on TNT.

But facts are simple and facts are straight. Facts are lazy and facts are late. Facts all come with points of view, and facts don't do what I want them to do. And it's mid-afternoon, I've been up for a long time, and this video is still pretty funny.

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