Video: Jared Dudley dives for loose ball, absolutely destroys Phoenix Suns vice chairman

EDITOR'S NOTE: We missed this gem during Sunday's Suns/Kings tilt, but when we saw it, we loved it. And we love you. So we share it now.

"OK, Jared, we're going to use something called a 'compliment sandwich' here. We feel it will really help us open up a positive, holistic dialogue about how you can become an even more valuable part of our organization. OK? Great.

"For starters, we love the hustle. Your willingness to risk injury to save a possession in the first quarter of a low-stakes game between two of the four worst teams in the West is exactly the kind of thing that made us want to sign you long-term. Love it.

"BUT: We're going to need you to go ahead and NOT shove your butt into the face of the vice chairman of the team.

"Jahm Najafi is a very successful man — he's had a stipple portait in the Wall Street Journal — and leaping and shoving your butt into his face, even by accident, sends sort of a mixed message to our other employees.

"It was really nice of you to check and see if Mr. Najafi was OK afterward, though. You're such a caring, compassionate worker! We really value that.

"So: Great hustle; great compassion; please do not wreck a member of our ownership group's face with your butt. Does that make sense?"

Video via our friends at the National Basketball Association.

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