Video: J.J. Redick is ready to lay-up all over you, NBA

Ball Don't Lie

You've read the recaps, as the NBA lockout saw itself to a needed end last weekend. You took in the rocked-out video retellings of the stalemate, and you enjoyed the Taiwanese animation breakdowns of the labor agreement. What you might be forgetting, in all the joyous noise, is that NBA players need to get in shape and ready for a season that starts on Christmas Day.

Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick, clearly, has everyone beat:

Marc Gasol is winded just from watching that. Stan Van Gundy? He probably wasn't enthused until he saw Redick's thumbs out on those chest passes.

The rest of the league? You've been suitably warned. J.J. Redick is one Mikan Drill ahead of everyone, at this point. Your move, NBA.

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