Video: J.J. Barea stops time and space

If you've played basketball more than 11 times exactly, it's happened to you. Somebody takes a jump shot, you box out, you're ready for the rebound, and ... nothing. The ball got stuck in the rim. It's like someone paused life for a split-second. It's the weirdest feeling possible on a basketball court.

Thursday night, Jose Juan Barea(notes) did that scenario one better. He's a real one-upper.

I've watched this at least eight times, and it's still funny. I love how everybody down low goes from boxing out to waiting for the ball to fall to confused.

Not to mention Juwan Howard(notes), who comes zooming in for the board about two seconds after the ball is stuck, arms stretched high. Chill out, Juwan Howard. You can't rebound jump balls.

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