Video: Inside Chris Bosh's ridiculous Maxim photoshoot

Maxim Magazine is loved the world over by people who consume four energy drinks a day, horny teenagers not yet old enough to buy Playboy, and middle-aged fathers who steal their sons' magazines. That means the publication usually runs photoshoots of sexy babes promoting unpopular TV shows and movies, not NBA stars.

Leave it to Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh(notes) to change the way Maxim thinks. The viral video enthusiast and "Entourage" guest star is a man of class and excellent taste, one who cares about fashion and the finer things in life. Are you wondering why he's pretending to eat apples and other types of fruit? Then you just don't know what it means to be a cool person in one of America's finest party towns.

This shoot appears to have occurred before the start of the season, and Bosh has some humble words about how the Heat have a long way to go before their champions and basketball players are just regular guys with families. On the other hand, he's also taking part in a ludicrous photoshoot at a lavish beachfront property while wearing a teal shirt. I don't know if that makes him arrogant, but it's certainly not an act of humility.

Then again, maybe Bosh just wants Maxim readers to know that he's a fun-loving guy. Why else would he stretch his arms out in displays of wonder and joy? Or peer out over his sunglasses while resting his arms on his knee? Or give other guys advice on women like he's in an infomercial for a dating website? Or stand in an extremely shallow pool while splashing water at the camera? Etc. ad infinitum.

Seriously, you have to watch this video. It will make you laugh forever.

(Via Holly MacKenzie)

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