Video of Husky Keeping Owner from Participating in Zoom Call Is Cracking Us Up

Is he serious?!

One would think working at home with pets would be easy. You have the flexibility to take them on walks and they might have less pent-up energy since you're home. But before you go ahead thinking that, take a look at this video from TikTok user @yarkitzn8. It shows you the reality of the WFH lifestyle for parents. 

This TikToker was on a work Zoom meeting, which you would hope means peace and quiet around the house. But any parent and pet parent knows that's never the case. Watch what his Husky does to distract him from the meeting. It's hilarious!

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LMAO! Is this doggo serious?! We'd have to ask for a recording of the meeting because there's no way we could pay attention with all the commotion from this dog!

"Doggo: 'Go ahead and tell them it was me, they won’t believe you 😂,'“ said @coastalscene. This is the adult version of having your dog eat your homework. LOL! At least on Zoom others could see that you're telling the truth!

Several TikTok users were commenting about their experiences and struggles. "I swear I have to close the door because my dog fights me on zoom lolol my job has seen us scrapping 😂," said @flirtyhershey. Honestly, we wouldn't mind seeing that. LOL! @cinnamonchoc4 brought up a hilarious point. The comment reads, "And they do these things on purpose because when I’m not on the phone or in a meeting my husky doesn’t want anything to do with me 😅🙄." Right!? But honestly, we wouldn't trade those moments for anything because we love our fur besties!


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