Video: Hurricane Irene inspires a clever basketball challenge

Warning: Video contains some naughty language.

As you likely heard (or experienced), there was a great big storm named Hurricane Irene on the East Coast this last weekend. It felled trees, outaged power, and generally made a mess of everyone's weekend plans. A late August in New York has never been so dull.

Yet there was one fortunate byproduct: sitting around bored breeds creativity. So when young men went out to shoot some hoops after the storm, they had great plans in mind. In the video above, three friends hold a contest to see who can make a 3-pointer at the park. Whoever finishes last has to jump in a giant puddle. Or maybe it makes more sense to call it a small pond.

This is just good old-fashioned fun. And while this young man should probably go to the doctor to get checked for all sorts of weird diseases, at least he managed to make the best out of a meteorological calamity.

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