Video: Hubie Brown’s Basketball Coaching Boot Camp

NBA fans have serious love for longtime coach and announcer Hubie Brown. Despite being a little crusty, Brown stands out from other people with his credentials because he's seemed to absorbed basketball into every fiber of his being. He loves the game in a way that comes through in everything he says about it. Listening to him talk about basketball is like listening to Monet hold forth on painting or Mrs. Fields discuss cookies. They just understand things way better than you or I ever will.

So, if you ever have the chance to learn about basketball from Hubie, you should take it. Luckily, he once produced a series of videos called "Hubie Brown's Basketball Coaching Boot Camp." As the two clips in this post show, that name is very apt. As far as I can tell, the entire program is just Hubie Brown, back in the days when he had a perm, yelling at players and coaches about the best ways to practice.

For a certain kind of person, this is heaven. Above, watch Hubie lay out the perfect practice schedule. After the jump, he'll tell you how to practice with intensity, mostly by being very intense himself.

Never before has a man with a perm seemed so imposing.