Video: Horace Grant, Ron Harper and Luc Longley pick on an Aussie TV host

Former Chicago Bulls Horace Grant, Ron Harper and Luc Longley don't have much to do these days. Grant has a Sam Cooke LP collection to tend to, seriously. Harp has two other championship rings won with the Los Angeles Lakers to look over, seriously. And Luc? He's Australian. There's our connection, with this video clip, via A Stern Warning.

What follows is the three of them working in a two-on-two game with some Aussie TV presenter in a Lakers jersey that doesn't know that the NBA had a 3-point line for the duration of the 1980s, with Harp and Horace playing against the TV guy and Luc. Alex English is also there, for some reason. This isn't good basketball, but if you're a Bulls fan it is a fun watch. And because the NBA locked out its players, it's the only watch.

Yes, TV lady. It is just "like when you go to the dog park." And that's not a mixed lockout metaphor.

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