Video: Hey, check out these Ricky Rubio highlights

If you were on Twitter during last night's game, or even just read Kelly's first "Behind the Box Score," you've probably heard that Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio looked pretty good in his NBA debut. It turns out he was worth the wait.

If for some reason you missed it, you can watch the highlights of most of his best passes above. My personal favorite is the second, a dish across the lane to Derrick Williams so unexpected that Nick Collison, a good defender, couldn't deflect it even though he already had his hand in the passing lane. Whatever the case, it's possible to make an argument for any of them. Just enjoy the whole set.

The Wolves play the Bucks tonight at 7:30 Central. It's only available on League Pass, but your cable provider should have a free preview right now. If this game is anything like Monday, Minnesota should be a fixture in your nightly game rotation soon.

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