Video: Hed'oh! Turkoglu gets stuffed by the rim on the break

C'mon, Hedo Turkoglu(notes). I know you're feeling all spry and wiry now that you're back with the Orlando Magic — and why wouldn't you feel that way, considering how many folks seem pretty convinced you're going to start partying like it's 2007-08, like the last two years never happened? But haven't you learned anything from JaVale McGee(notes)?

You have to seriously, seriously consider your takeoff point. And be realistic about what you can accomplish. Just outside the charge circle's too far away for you, man.

Plus, that's not your game, anyway. To be stylistically authentic, you should have finished that with an overly ornate finger roll, casting yourself as some kind of odd Turkish Gervin. You're a weird little hothouse flower, Hedo, not a conventional big guy filling the lane and jamming with abandon. You know the old adage, Turk: "'Ball' don't lie."

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Also, Magic play-by-play man David Steele's call ("Turk ... could not finish") and postscript ("And Nowitzki got the rebound") seem to take on more of a sly, smirking tone the more you watch this clip. Replay it 50 times and see for yourself!

(And yeah, color commentator Matt Guokas is right — Hedo does seem to get a bit of a push from Dirk Nowitzki(notes) and Jason Kidd(notes) as he goes up in the air, which, when you consider the no-room-for-error mathematical precision it'd take for Hedo to successfully hammer this home, could account for the miss. But it's only a bit of one, so don't you ruin my fun, Guokas!)

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International readers ("Int'l read'rs"): If the clip above isn't rocking for you, please feel free to enjoy the oof on YouTube, courtesy of @Jose3030.

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