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Eric Beisel is infamous around Arkansas for his challenge to the Razorbacks last year prior to the final game of the 2016 season in Columbia (Mo.).

After a Missouri practice in November prior to the game, Beisel said, "It’ll be a big mistake showing up in Columbia, Missouri...Whether they decide to get on a plane and show up at our stadium on Friday, that’s their call. I tell you what, if they do decide to come, it’s going to be a hectic.

"It'd be a big mistake showing up in Columbia," he said. "We’re going to take some aggression out on Ar-kansas this Black Friday.

"The week before I came there (as a recruit to Arkansas), they stripped 38 off someone's jersey and promised me the number...That was all just a hoax for me. I was going to go to Mizzou anyway."

He previously only referred to Arkansas as "Ark-kansas," but on Wednesday he simply called them "that team down south." He had more to say about last year's comments...

“Going into that interview, I had no doubt that we were going to win that game. I don't think any outsiders believed we would win the game, so that was really more for show I guess. But that rivalry is always going to be personal. People are always uncomfortable when things get personal, so why don’t we just make it personal? They want to come to our house, they want to step on our field, they want to run through the A-gap. Well, you’re gonna get hit in the mouth. It’s disrespectful to step on the field at the University of Missouri and think you’re coming out with a win.”

The Razorbacks jumped out to a 24-7 halftime lead before losing 28-24 last year. This year, the game is in Fayetteville.

Here's what second-year Missouri coach Barry Odom had to say about bringing Beisel to SEC Media Days:

"There's a few reasons I brought Eric," Odom said. "Also for the Arkansas beat writers, I bought Beisel for that, too, because I understand we're supposed to flame that rivalry a little bit up. You're welcome in advance, Bob Holt."

Holt is a Missouri graduate and is a longtime writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Check out the video below to see what else Beisel had to say at SEC Media Days:

Here is the video from last November:

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