Video: A great Monta Ellis slam you might have missed

Blake Griffin(notes) of the Clippers understandably owned the weekend. His domination of the Knicks on Saturday night heralded the coming of a new star, and he's quickly establishing himself as one of the handful of must-watch players in the NBA.

But Griffin was far from the only player to embarrass the Knicks big men this weekend. On Friday night, Monta Ellis(notes) of the Warriors had a thrilling dunk of his own, taking off from a step inside the free-throw line to dunk all over former teammate Ronny Turiaf(notes).

I realize that this happened an eternity ago in Internet time, but it still deserves some attention. Sometimes, it's important to not move through life too fast. You can miss great dunks and wonderful moments along the way, all because you were only looking at one set of dunks when so many others deserve to be applauded.

Wow, things got emotional there for a second. I guess a beautiful Monta Ellis play can do that to a man.

(Video via Get Banged On)

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