Video: A great dunk, some knockoff uniforms, and an amazing headband

At BDL, we regularly bring you exciting dunks from NBA and NBA-associated events. Sometimes, though, great plays happen elsewhere, in professional leagues in countries Americans usually only hear about when they're involved in awful wars. For instance, check out this amazing dunk by Alhaji Mohammed, a Chicago-born attendee of Louisville who now plies his trade for Al Kuwait SC in the USA's favorite oil-bearing land.

Of course, the dunk is maybe the third-most interesting thing about this clip. Top honors go to Al Kuwait SC's jerseys, which, as pointed out by Sarah Kogod at (via TBJ), are a dead ringer for the new Wizards' throwbacks (or old Bullets kits, depending on your point of view). This might seem like a poor decision for a basketball team, but you have to realize that Kuwaitis love American culture. It's not theft — it's homage.

Yet, there's one more exciting aspect of this video. Most players wear headbands as fashion accessories at this point in the basketball style game, but they still serve some sweat-soaking function. Mohammed, to his credit, has conceived of the headband as some sort of avant-garde art installation, wearing it nearly vertical as a mark of personal expression. In fact, he almost looks like the hilarious TBJ mockup of LeBron James' future hairline-blocking headband.

Go forth, young man. You are a hero.

(video via Get Banged On and WorldStarHipHop)

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