Video: Grant Hill and Reggie Evans get tossed for butt-slappin'

A day later, I'm a little torn on this.

Because I didn't see the game live, but was sort of following the action on Twitter when it went down, and the resulting Tweetstorm would have you believe that Grant Hill(notes) and Reggie Evans(notes) were ejected for helping a little old lady down the street.

In fact, they were ejected for exchanging friendly if pointed butt-slaps following an Evans foul on the recently turned 38-year-old Hill. Watch:

In a vacuum, yes. Worst ejection ever. But there's context here. When the officer asks you to move along, even if you aren't doing anything wrong, you move along.

If the refs told those two to leave each other alone following the first pair of technicals they picked up, then they should leave each other the heck alone, yo. I don't care how innocuous the resultant exchange would be -- and a pair of butt slaps is pretty innocuous -- you just leave each other alone. Doesn't matter how friendly your intentions were, listen to the refs and separate. Grant Hill of all people should know, after being asked to break it up, to not interrupt his trip to the free-throw line to turn around and give Evans an exaggerated butt slap directly in front of a veteran official.

And if the refs didn't ask them to stay apart? Well, yeah. Stupid ejection.

(HT: SB Nation.)

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