Video of Goat 'Enjoying' the Animal Blessing Service at Worcester Cathedral Is Pure Gold

Guess he had a few things to say.

Animals are amazing, and they deserve the best recognition for their contributions to society. One religious institution is taking on this task with an amazing ceremony, and one of the animals decided to share a few of their thoughts in the middle of the service.

The TikTok account for the Worcester Cathedral in England, @worcestercathedral, recently shared a video of their annual animal blessing service held in the Cathedral. In the video, one of the goats involved in the ceremony named Pablo expresses his enjoyment of the service in a memorable moment. Check out the video below to see what Pablo thought!

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LOL, this video is gold! We love how they have a group of goats and llamas standing around in the Cathedral, and it's clear that Pablo is loving the attention based on his bleats of approval!

People in the comments loved the idea of an animal blessing ceremony. @lacrossecaptain said, "This is so loving. I want to have my cat blessed." Another user, @brie_ruckus, commented, "I want to get my cat blessed now! He loves people, and I think he would enjoy the attention." It's such a lovely way to show our appreciation for our furry friends!

Others found this hilarious and cracked a few jokes about Pablo's interruptions. @jumbo.slick commented, "GET PABLO INTO THE CHOIR!" and @ekaloid01 said Pablo was "just checking the acoustics." We don't blame Pablo for taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase his musical talents, it was a great setting!

We love the idea of an animal blessing service, and Pablo gives his official endorsement. It would be wonderful to see more groups adopt a similar ceremony to celebrate the pets in our communities!

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