Video: Globetrotter Dizzy Grant impersonates NBA stars, brings the laughs

As we've learned from such geniuses as Rich Little and Frank Caliendo, impressions are the highest form of comedy. Every time I see a good one, I laugh so hard I cry and talk about how that person is definitely acting like an outsized caricature of a famous person. Because that is what good jokes do.

Until now, we haven't really seen a great NBA impressionist on the level of MLB's Batting Stance Guy. And while Harlem Globetrotter Dizzy Grant may never get his own segment on "The Late Show with David Letterman" -- because, really, why was Batting Stance Guy booked on Letterman? -- he can at least gained some measure of fame with this video of his NBA impressions.

All your favorites are here, including Kobe Bryant's quadruple-pump-fake mid-range jumpers, Shaquille O'Neal's free throws, and LeBron James' standstill jumpers. It's a bravura performance from a man who brings smiles to young fans' faces as a member of a roving basketball troupe. What's not to like?

The only question is which impressions he'll come up with next. May I suggest an impression of Dwight Howard's impressions?

(Via TBJ and Basketball-Reference)

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