Video: How Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis spent his lockout hours

Ball Don't Lie

Where were you when news hit that the NBA's lockout was over? I was skulking into my kitchen at a late hour, full of bags bearing soup-making ingredients, when BDL's own Eric Freeman texted me. From there, I had the pleasure of texting all of my in-town NBA freak buddies about the end of the stalemate. This meant that I texted one guy. You're welcome, Patrick. This is sort of an NCAA town.

Former Celtic Glen Davis? Clearly, he was in the middle of all manner of off-court activities, none of which included anything his extended family would be ashamed about. All productive, all PG-rated. Big Baby may not have been paying attention to his Twitter feed, but he sure did have his head in the right place as he whiled away the lockout hours.

Here's visual proof, courtesy of Lineage:

See you on the court in a month, Glen. Hopefully without the scarves.

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