Video: Gilbert Arenas knocks it in from 75 feet, but it doesn't count

For several years now, Gilbert Arenas(notes) has been looking to recapture the swagger that made him such an electrifying and unique star with the Wizards. With his trade to the Magic, he now has a chance for a fresh start. But in order to win some fans in his new city, he has to create memories that will endear him to the fanbase.

[Photo: Gilbert Arenas' impressive beard]

Monday night, he got a decent start with this incredible 75-footer at the halftime buzzer. Unfortunately, it bounced off the front rim and hit the shot clock, which is technically out of bounds. So, bummer of all bummers, it didn't count, and we've all been robbed of an all-time great highlight.

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The good news is that it didn't factor into the final score, an easy 104-88 win for Orlando over New Jersey. There's now basically nothing to complain about with regards to this play, because we have a tremendous shot and a correct call by the officials. Fans of amazing, stylish plays win; fans of by-the-book officiating win; even casual fans who have no idea what I'm talking about win. Everyone celebrate!

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