Video: Gerald Green finishes the alley-oop of the year

Despite having elite athleticism, Nets wing Gerald Green has had a frustrating NBA career, finding his way out of the league several times while never really figuring out how to become consistently productive. For all that disappointment, though, there's no denying that the man can dunk. He won the 2007 dunk contest, and a year later performed one of the most hilarious and creative dunks of all time by blowing out a candle on a cupcake placed on the rim. Never mind that it was no one's birthday — that was part of the fun.

Green hasn't been on many fans' radars for the last few years, but anytime he enters a game, no matter where it is, there's the potential for greatness. That's exactly what happened on Saturday night when Green took a pass from MarShon Brooks on a fast break and threw it down for a windmill alley-oop. It's the best lob of the year, if not the best dunk entirely. Watch the video above. No one can blame you if you do it more than once.

It might be a long time before Green does something like this again. But, after moments like this one, it's hard to complain that they come too infrequently. Just enjoy it for what it is.

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