Video: Fury FC 86’s Jacobe Smith lands explosive 18-second KO followed by insane tumbling celebration

Fortis MMA prospect Jacobe Smith could be receiving a call from the UFC soon after his performance at Fury FC 86.

The undefeated 28-year-old from Oklahoma created a highlight moment that will likely be brought up in conversation for the rest of his career. The 18-second knockout of his opponent Jared McCloughlin was impressive enough.

Smith unleashed a right hand from hell that sent McLoughlin crumbling to the ground, followed by one extra shot to seal the deal. It was an impressive knockout that marked back-to-back first-round finishes, and his sixth out of eight pro fights. There’s no doubt he’s an explosive finisher.

But what happened next really put everything over the top. Smith’s celebration was interesting, hilarious, and equal parts perplexing.

*Record Scratch*

*Freeze Frame*

You’re probably wondering how Smith ended up here.

After the referee rushed in, Smith returned to the center of the cage and launched himself into the air, seemingly to attempt a backflip, but appeared to abort midway through. After hanging in the air for what seemed like a short eternity, Smith crashed to the canvas back-first.

Somehow, after not hurting himself, he leaped back up into the air to pound the canvas (Wait, did he hurt his knees there?), fell back to the mat again, and began tumbling in a circle across the canvas. He then got up to hit a cartwheel, followed by a successful backflip, hit a chest bump into the fence, then darted to the other side to scale the cage, where he a few throat slashes and other celebratory gestures.

Watch the insane KO and the wild celebration in the video below (via X):

Here’s another angle that gives the perspective of how high Smith jumped on that aborted backflip/WWE-style self-swanton bomb.

Given his undefeated record, fighting style, and his team at Fortis MMA, don’t be surprised to see Smith taking his power and celebration skills to the UFC banner soon.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie