Video: Franklin and Bash aren’t psyched about free Clippers tickets

If you watched any game of the NBA playoffs on TNT, then you probably saw at least 47 ads for "Franklin & Bash," an hour-long legal comedy series starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer as hip attorneys who put the party back in law. Over the course of two months, they became associated with NBA drama and, as such, carved out a special place in all of our hearts.

Now, the series has repaid our devotion with a joke about the NBA. Several minutes into Wednesday night's episode "Big Fish," in which F&B choose to sell out their greedy client (Jason Alexander) by forcing him to give his entire fortune to charity under oath, firm head Stanford Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) decides to reward the zany jurists with his floor tickets at the Staples Center. Except they won't be hanging with Jack Nicholson, because they're for a Clippers game. Gotcha, suckers!

Please overlook the fact that after the rise of Blake Griffin, this joke is horribly outdated. The important thing to note here is that the writers for "Franklin & Bash" rewarded our faith with a gag about the sport we love. The least we can do is to watch the series and continue to delight in the crazy adventures of the hippest trial attorneys since Harry Hamlin and Corbin Bernsen.

(Video via TBJ's Trey Kerby, a prince of men)

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