Video: Five minutes with Jeremy Lin sells at auction for $42,388

Everyone wants a piece of Jeremy Lin these days, but few are able to get it. He's available at events like Friday's All-Star media day and after every Knicks game for press conferences, yet the pressure of constant attention has made it increasingly difficult for normal people to interact with him. A few weeks ago, Madison Square Garden security mistook him for a trainer — now he's the biggest story in New York.

However, a recent auction gave one lucky fan the chance to spend five minutes with Lin and win his game-worn jersey from his 38-point breakout game against the Los Angeles Lakers two weeks ago. But it didn't come cheap. In fact, Pam Schecter paid a total of $42,388 for her husband Mitchell to earn the prize. Watch the video above for the report from CNBC's Darren Rovell.

It makes you wonder exactly how much a whole hour with Lin would go for? This might be the solution America needs to balance the budget.

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