Video: Finally, 'Go New York Go' minus the troublesome hip-hop

Free of charge, I offer BDL's trusting public a special installment of my world-famous Dan Devine's Inarguable Power Rankings. In this episode: Dan Devine's Inarguable "Go New York Go" Power Rankings.

The list is as follows. Please remember, as always, that the list is the list:

1. Virtually any other rap song referencing New York, basketball and the New York Knicks that is not "Go New York Go," because it is not, truth be told, a very good rap song;

2. The original 1994 version of "Go New York Go," because the grimy chunkiness of that song made an awful lot of sense for the bruising Knicks team it soundtracked, and as the official theme of the only Patrick Ewing-led squad to make the NBA Finals, it has sentimental/cultural resonance in the city and among Knicks fans;

3. The 2008 Q-Tip reboot, which gets bonus points for being a new song and having an actual rapper — and not just any rapper, but a respected MC from the legendary Queens hip-hop outfit A Tribe Called Quest — actually rapping, but loses many more points for being about the 2008-2009 New York Knicks and for featuring Eddy Curry(notes) in the video;

4. The Keenan Cahill viral lip-sync to the '94 version, which gets bonus points for featuring background lip-syncing from Landry Fields(notes) and Andy Rautins(notes), who are a cute little comedy duo, but loses points for a lack of original additions to the '94 blueprint;

5. The new 2011 remix by producer/DJ/rapper/painter Swizz Beatz, which turns the Amar'e Stoudemire(notes) and Carmelo Anthony(notes)-led bunch into the basis for a dance track that your kid sister's going to request on KTU in like 15. The Knicks of this song aren't getting ready for war; they're getting ready for the prom.

Knicks fans, let me hear it: Does this get you amped up for Game 2 against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night? Or, like me, does it leave you wanting ... well, anything else?

Video via the crew at Nah Right. Hat-tip to Ghostface Ziller.

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