Video: Finally, some help pronouncing NBA players’ names

Ball Don't Lie

If you're anything like me, you find yourself constantly mystified by the collections of letters jammed together, seemingly at random, that make up people's names. How do I make it safely through these pronunciation minefields? Even my own confuses me sometimes. Is it "Duh-veen," "Duh-vine," "Dee-vin" or "Kerr-bee"? Only an unprofessionally trained linguistics expert in the English language can say for sure.

Luckily, one such expert operates the YouTube goldmine runforthecube. You may have seen this specialist's work featured on Y! brother blog Puck Daddy last month and said, "Hey, why not some similarly styled guidance for us NBA-loving types?" Well, friends and enemies, our prayers have been answered.

On Tuesday night, runforthecube began featuring pronunciation guides for individual NBA players, starting with the rosters of the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Bobcats and Chicago Bulls. It is a simple, direct operation — a five-second clip that features each player's first and last name spoken twice. I can't tell you how eye-opening this trip through four NBA rosters has been; I've been saying a lot of these names, like Kyle Korver's, wrong for years. I'm willing to bet that I'll learn a lot more when the remaining 26 rosters make their way to the YouTubes.

Up for some more brain-busting pronunciation corrections? Let me learn you somethin':


Here is how you say Rasual Butler's name.

Here is how you say Garrett Temple's name.

Here is how you say E'Twaun Moore's name.

Here is how you say Avery Bradley's name.

And here is how you say the always tricky Joe Johnson's name.

Thank you, runforthecube. And you're welcome, Planet Earth.

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