Video: Fighter lands rare double upkick to knock opponent out cold

If this knockout was in a movie, viewers would likely say it could never happen in real life.

A single stunning upkick is rare enough… but two consecutive rendering a fighter stiff? That’s movie sh*t – maybe even less realistic than movie sh*t.

But Saturday at Black Combat 10 in Seoul, South Korea, a unicorn of a knockout took place thanks to two heels to the dome by Sung Woong Kim.

The incredible sequence was initiated with an armbar threat by Kim (6-4), who baited opponent Takahiro Komakine (14-5) into submission defense before he unloaded a 6-12 kick.

The first kick alone may have put Komakine out, but the second one definitely did. Komakine flew backward, his arms in the fencing position.

Kim aside, there are two other shoutouts I want to give, as I watch this video.

Shoutout No. 1 goes to the referee. What a slide save. A nail-in-the-coffin could’ve caused even worse issues for poor Komakine. Sometimes (a lot of times), we don’t give referees enough praise.

Shoutout No. 2? Well, that has to go to the GOAT, who is Caposa. It’s 10:33 am on a Saturday and the man is posting a video… of a video screen of the replay from a fight that may have totally gotten lost in the MMA ether.

If an independent MMA Hall of Fame is ever launched, Caposa should be inducted as a contributor – no hyperbole. What a legend.

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