Video: Famous Knicks fans want you to vote, and it's working

Simply by virtue of being in New York, the Knicks have lots of famous fans, from Woody Allen to Spike Lee to Chris Rock. Sometimes, they even band together for a good cause, like bringing LeBron James(notes) to New York last summer.

Now, they've joined forces again to make sure all possible Knicks fans vote for Amar'e Stoudemire(notes), Raymond Felton(notes) and Danilo Gallinari(notes) for next month's All-Star game in Los Angeles. All of your favorites are here: basketball superfan Liam Neeson, Turtle from "Entourage," Meadow Soprano, Amber Rose, America's sweetheart Chris Brown, Jeremy Sisto, Vinny from "Jersey Shore," and, last but certainly not least, Whoopi Goldberg (aka former Knicks coach Eddie Franklin). With star power like that -- plus a few enthusiastic Average Joes and Jolenes -- how could they lose?

Then again, maybe the Knicks don't need the help. According to ballot returns released Thursday, Stoudemire has moved ahead of Kevin Garnett(notes) among East forwards and leads by roughly 100,000 votes. Felton and Gallinari haven't had such luck, but their selections were always pipe dreams, anyway.

In other All-Star news, Derrick Rose(notes) has passed Rajon Rondo(notes) for second among East guards. So step your game up, Celtics fans. I expect a video featuring Bill Simmons, Donnie Wahlberg, and CT from the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. They'll show those New Yorkers what real stardom looks like.

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